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Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Any surgery has some risks. This is why it is extremely important to carefully select a reputable board certified plastic surgeon before you decide to go ahead with cosmetic surgery. Dr Sproule operates at a private and fully accredited located adjacent to Scarborough general Hospital. Below is a list of possible cosmetic surgery complications. Again it is important to note that the possibility of occurrence of these cosmetic surgery complications is dramatically minimized when performed by a plastic surgeon at an accredited surgical facility.

Internal bleeding:

Any type of surgery may result in bleeding in the operated area. This may be due to a temporary increase in blood pressure such as occurs due to coughing. It could also occur from the effects of medication such as aspirin (refer to list of medications that contain aspirin). Internal bleeding is usually manifested by acute swelling of the area, discoloration of the skin, pain and a feeling of tension.

If the accumulation of blood is a small one, your surgeon might decide to allow it to be absorbed by itself. However, if it is large, he may drain it.

External bleeding:

This is easily detected. Blood is seen coming through the incision and may leak through your dressing. It may be either actual bleeding or an accumulation of liquid coming out through a surgical drain. External compression of the wound usually stops it. If it continues the surgeon might have to stop it after reopening the incision.


Any surgical wound can become infected. An infection usually will become apparent a few days after the surgery. The signs are: pain, redness, heat and swelling. Antibiotics and dressing changes usually readily control it. On rare occasions hospitalization may be needed to control more significant infections.

Tissue loss (Necrosis):

When blood circulation is inadequate to bring sufficient oxygen to the tissues, some may be lost. The skin will become discolored and form a dark dry crust that will eventually become black and separate off. The underlying normal tissues heal by themselves. This may leave a wide scar. Skin necrosis is not infrequent in patients who smoke, but it is uncommon in non-smokers. The surgical procedures most susceptible to this loss of tissues

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