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Cosmetic Surgery Scarring

The normal healing of wounds is a physiological process which continues to take place in the depths of the tissues for many months before final resolution. At first, a cosmetic surgical scar is almost invisible. Then it becomes red and somewhat elevated for about three months. It then becomes paler, softer and flatter and reaches its resolved state in six to twelve months. Cosmetic surgery has its limitations. Any time the skin is opened and it heals, a scar of some kind results. This may be a good scar or a conspicuous one, but there is always a scar of some kind. Dr Sproule uses the latest laser technology for softening cosmetic surgery scars for his patients, as well as several scar management protocols.
that he has developed.that can augment and enhance the natural healing processes.

Each individual's healing is different. Some form fine white lines while others will form heavier ones. The surgeon has no influence on the actual formation of a scar. We have already mentioned certain factors that can influence the quality of healing such as smoking, infection and hemorrhage. The main mechanisms of wound healing are not yet fully understood; thus the factors that may lead to the formation of a conspicuous scar are not yet known. Very heavy (hypertropic) scars or keloids are uncommon. They are found more frequently on the front of the chest, the abdomen, and shoulder areas. Bad scars occur infrequently on the face. Dark-skinned people such as African-American and Orientals are more susceptible to the development of hypertrophic scars.

If a bad scar develops there are some methods of treatment which may be of value. Please visit the Scar Management Page for more information and treatment options.

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