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Scarborough Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Now men and women are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past, thanks to ProWave 770 system. No more painful waxing or electrolysis! ProWave 770 system delivers 21st century technology for treatment of this distressing problem. FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, ProWave 770 can treat men and women of most skin tones safely and effectively.

ProWave 770 system is one of the best hair removal systems on the market for nearly all skin tones, from light to dark. Its unique design, longer wave length, and innovative cooling design allows extremely effective, safe and permanent results.

If a more permanent removal of hair is desired, effective solutions have been more elusive. Electrolysis and related treatments have been used with variable effect for many years but are often unsatisfactory for a variety of reasons. Pain, scarring, pigmentation change of the skin, as well as ineffective removal of hair are a common occurrence.

Recently, lasers have been developed that can effectively and dramatically reduce the amount of hair growth on the body in a permanent way, with very little risk of scarring, pigment change, and other complications. There are several laser hair removal systems available, but they are not equally effective or safe.

The "COOLGLIDE" laser is one of the latest developments in this field.
(The CoolGlide (1064 Nd:YAG) is the first laser cleared for permanent hair reduction in all skin types and is endorsed by physicians worldwide.)

How does it work?
Hair grows at different rates on different areas of the body, and is also continuously falling out and being replaced. Each hair follicle has an internal clock that is set for how long it will work until it shuts down, loses it's hair shaft, and enters a resting state. In any area of the body with hair, there are follicles that are active and follicles that are inactive.

The laser sends a pulse of light into the skin that heats up and injures the growing and active hair follicles. These follicles then lose their hair shafts and shut down, usually permanently. The follicles that are in a resting state do not receive as much damage and so they can still grow and become active, producing more hair growth.

Each laser treatment therefore will produce only a reduction in hair growth, not a permanent loss. The hair will be thinner, finer, and more sparse.

With repeated treatments, a permanent reduction of the hair of an area can be safely achieved.