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Laser Tatoo Removal

For many years tattoos were considered to be permanent. If you had a tattoo from your teenage years, you were basically condemned to live with it for the rest of your life. Unless you wanted to have it surgically excised in which case you would have to then deal with the scars and possible scar removal treatments.

Fortunately, today lasers can be used to remove tattoos with minimal or no scars or down time. Tattoo removal lasers work by targeting specific colors (such as black, red, etc). The heat delivered by the laser will be selectively absorbed by the tattoo color and destroyed without causing harm to surrounding tissue.

Other lasers precisely vaporize the tissues and allow leaching of remaining pigment out into covering dressings for more rapid removal. It is possible to effectively fade most tattoos.

Dr. Sproule has a unique tattoo removal technique.
Laser Tatoo removal
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Dr Sproule's first and foremost commitment is patient safety and satisfaction.

He considers individualized care as more than just a catchphrase. Itís an attitude and a vision which he enacts every day. For this reason Dr Sproule meets with each and every patient personally at the time of your very first visit. He allows ample time for your questions and listens attentively to your goals and your concerns, and then plans your individualized care.